Health Therapies LLC can officially confirm their recently launched sanitizer is 99.99% effective against the feline CORONAVIRUS, a surrogate the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

Already confirmed to be effective against 170 deadly pathogens by world renowned laboratories including the World Health Organisation, testing began On March 12, at a microbiology laboratory in London, U.K, in collaboration with Holista Colltech to determine Virastan With Protectene’s effectiveness against COVID-19.

The company can now sensationally reveal the findings of the lab reports which confirm that Virastan with Protectene is effective in killing coronavirus and the COVID:19 strain of the virus specifically.

Amid rising cases of coronavirus across the globe, Health Therapies LLC has developed the only sanitizer on the market for application on the hands, and crucially, the nose that is now confirmed to be effective in acting against coronavirus. Headed by global entrepreneur, CEO Morell Maison, who hails from London England, the launch of Virastan with Protectene Personal Organic Disinfectant is a global gamechanger. The sanitizer contains Protectene and is uniquely made from natural plant-based substances approved for use by the U.S. and FDA.

Virastan with Protectene Personal Organic Disinfectant is a highly potent yet extremely safe disinfectant that is safe for children and adults and can be sprayed directly into the mouth and swallowed; or inhaled without any discomfort or harmful effects. Made with all-natural ingredients and processed in highly purified water and produced in guarded, approved, and compliant facilities.

Protectene works by attaching itself to the virus and weakening the cell walls. It inhibits its ability to accumulate amino acids (the basic building block of cells) and forces the virus cells to clump together, which die in the process. As a natural, alcohol- and GMO-free solution can be used by all age groups, is safe on pets and can be used as a natural airbourne and surface sanitizer.

“I have been in this arena for more than 40 years and never have I seen such an insatiable demand of hand and surface sanitizers. It does not matter where in the world you may be; folks are looking for added protection and defense. Also, there is a growing general demand for natural products. As it is an all-natural sanitizer, Virastan can be used on the hands, face and around the nose that has now been confirmed to be effective on feline corona virus and the COVID:19 surrogate specifically. It is a genuine privilege to be behind such a vital product at a time where we’re watching death rates around us increase in the face of a pandemic. The coming months will be busy as we fight the situation globally and head on, growing Virastan with Protectene’s product base to meet the everyday needs of our growing, diverse and global customers.”
Morell Maison CEO


The latest U.K. test results confirm that Protectene in Virastan has an efficacy of at 4.17Log (99.99% efficacy) within a minute against the feline coronavirus (surrogate of Covid-19) when tested at a concentration of 3%. This means that 99.99% of the virus is killed within a minute of exposure to Virastan – a huge attribute to an all-natural sanitiser that is free of alcohol and chemicals.

The novel coronavirus has been given the official name of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by the International Committee for Taxonomy of Viruses, while the World Health Organisation has named the disease caused by the virus as Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).