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Virastan with Protectene is an on-time, effective product that has been created with the needs of the client at the forefront. Whether you are interested in joining our portfolio of global customers, sub-distributors, investors or partners, contact us today so that we can meet your needs at a time when time is of the essence.

Our company has as its sole purpose the identification and quantification of chemical, bacteriological, biological and viral pathogens affecting your home, business and personal life and providing cutting edge organic based solutions.

Our team expertise spans market segments including hospital infection control, contamination control for crops, textiles, poultry, livestock, equine, transportation, and keeping commercial, residential, industrial and institutional occupied structures as pathogen neutral as possible for safe habitation through clean air control.

sub distributors

• Homes
• Offices
• Schools & Colleges
• Pharmacies
• Hotels and Hospitality
• Health Screening Facilities
• Hospitals & Medical Organizations
• Sports & Leisure Facilities
• Travel Agencies
• Home Carers
• Tradesmen
• Entertainment Industry
• Religious Centers
• Food Preparation Factories & Kitchens
• Public WC and Shower

NORTH AMERICA: +1-848-309-4308
REST OF THE WORLD: +1 (732) 829 9757

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