Virastan – The Science

the science

H1N1 is an envelope virus that is very similar to the coronavirus, our product has proved effective against H1N1 and tests are currently being conducted in a London Lab, results will be available in the next 14 days. This is truly pioneering.

In the wake of the coronavirus, face mask sales have rocketed by a staggering 800%, and yet wearing a face mask is far from an iron-clad guarantee against any virus. Tests carried out on face masks have shown that they do not sufficiently reduce the likelihood of transmission.’ That is why public health authorities have not recommended face masks as a sanctioned means of protection for the global population.

This is where Protectene Anti-Pathogenic Disinfectant breaks the mold.

Virastan with Protectene Personal Organic Disinfectant (POD) is safe for Adult and children’s use as a highly effective and potent as a personal natural effective preventive measure against 170 Pathogens and virus’ including virus’ such as the Flu, H1N1 and the current pandemic Corona Covid-19 which is an airborne envelope virus.

Of course, hand sanitiser sales have soared. Most hand-sanitisers do what they say on the label, the alcohol kills the germs on your hands… for a while. People touch their faces approximately 23 times per hour posing a constant risk of infection via the nose and mouth.

Applied to the hands and inserted and sprayed directly onto the rim and inner entry point of the nose all-natural Virastan with Protectene Personal Organic Disinfectant protects the nasal passage safely and easily against these airborne menaces, going straight to the issue.

Our ground-breaking disinfecting solution disrupts the protein coat of the virus, weakening it and inhibiting its ability to mate with an amino acid molecule. Once disabled the virus and dies.

• Each application provides protection up to 3 hrs.
• No rinse needed
• Disinfects surfaces
• Use 1-2 sprays of Virastan with Protectene – on hands, apply around the nose and in nasal passage for full protection
• United States FDA GRAS approved ingredient
• United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exempted
• Listed in the United States Pharmacopeia
• New Zealand Environmental Agency approval as “non-rinse” sanitizer
• Exempted by Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

All relevant tests on the 170 different pathogens that we referenced have been conducted using international protocols in compliance with ISO 17025 accreditation through ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB). In addition to ISO 17025 accreditation, these labs maintain compliance with EPA and FDA Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs). Some of these labs are also affiliated with the World Health Organization.