Health Therapies LLC has officially welcomed former boxing champion James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith as a Global Brand Ambassador.

After using Products Manufactured by IGalen and marketed by Health Therapies LLC, Smith wanted to Champion the fight against Diabetes as well as other inflammatory illnesses, signing a three-year agreement.

IGalen is the pioneering company behind a range of premium-quality wellness products, making waves across the world. Having been forced to make a Marketing change, CEO Dr Rajen Manicka entrusted the redevelopment of IGalen to Global Master Distributor Morell L Maison, who has rebuilt IGalen from the ground up, including introducing James Bonecrusher Smith to changemaker Dr Rajen Manicka.

James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith held the WBA heavyweight title from 1986 to 1987. To date, he is the only World Boxing Champion with a college degree. Three years after retiring from professional Boxing, became an ordained minister in 1996 and dedicated his life to helping young people stay clear of crime and drugs. In 2004, he founded the non-profit Champion for Kids Inc. to provide scholarships and opportunities for high school students. Deeply committed to helping impoverished fighters, Smith was a guest at the Ring 10 Veterans Boxing Foundation 2nd Annual Fundraiser in 2012 where he expressed his support of initiatives to better provide for those in need.

As the battle against COVID:19 continues, another pandemic is at play: Diabetes. Whilst battling this disease himself, Smith used three IGalen products, Uncarb, Gennisi and ProV Immunity Booster. The result was a blood sugar drop from 153 to 98 in a week followed by a 10 lb weight loss and immediately joined Health Therapies where he was introduced to changemaker Dr Rajen Manicka. CEO and Managing Director of Holista Colltech, Dr Rajen Manicka, who has a doctorate in Holistic Medicine, has earned a stellar global reputation as a man on a mission to save the world from refined carbohydrates, inflammation, and infection via his pioneering natural products.

Morell Maison is changing my life with this project and others he is supporting. My Champions for Kid’s project will benefit greatly from this collaboration and many other World Champions with similar issues are looking to come on board. Inflammation is a killer, and we are going to travel throughout America with our message and these products to Crush these illnesses. We owe it to ourselves to protect our health and well-being. Champ James Bonecrusher Smith.

Health Therapies Global CEO Morell Maison believes that Smith’s addition is a game-changer for the already thriving company.

“I have been in this arena for more than 40 years and never have I seen such an insatiable demand of health solutions, neither have I seen a range more effective than IGalen in meeting these demands. It does not matter where, people are seeking healthier lifestyles. It is a genuine privilege to welcome James ‘Bonecrusher’ Smith into the fold as we save lives by battling inflammation. His insight, experience and passion for wellness will, simply put, help us to help more. His arrival at such a vital time in the face of a pandemic is even more invaluable. The coming months will be busy as we fight infection and inflammation head on, growing our product base to meet the everyday wellness needs of our growing, diverse and global customers”.
Morell Maison CEO

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About James Bonecrusher Smith’s Champions for Kids
This non-for profit facilitates champions to meet and greet kids around the globe, share inspirational stories of triumph and the will to win, and partner with other professional athletes to participate in the mentoring program, in order to create hometown heroes with mentoring through boxing