Holista CollTech (ASX:HCT, “Holista”) announced today that it has appointed Health Therapies LLC (“Health Therapies”) as its Exclusive Distributor for the United States for the NatShield™ sanitiser amidst a sharp increase of Covid-19 coronavirus infection in the country. Health Therapies LLC has exclusivity for the U.S. market for 3 years and has committed to a minimum order of at least A$3.0 million per year. The orders are for NatShield™ handheld sanitisers containing Path-Away®, a plant-based active ingredient. Developed by South Carolina based Global Infection  Control Consultants LLC (“GICC LLC”), Path-Away® is proven effective for a broad spectrum of pathogens. Holista has a global collaboration with GICC LLL and sells NatShield™ as a sanitiser which contains 3% Path-Away®.

Shipment of the first 5,000 30-ml bottles will commence from Malaysia this week. Holista plans to bottle NatShield™ within the United States by next month. Health Therapies LLC, headquartered in New Jersey, has a marketing team with 40 years of experience across multiple sales channels – online, retail and at airports. Dr Rajen Manicka, CEO of Holista CollTech, said, “The appointment of a U.S. distributor is timely because of the escalating infection rate in the country. We are shipping sanitisers out of Malaysia initially to meet the urgent needs. Holista plans to bottle NatShield™ within the United States by next month. Discussions have begun with U.S. bottlers who, part of the logistic supply chain of GICC LLC, can commit to up to 1,000,000 bottles per month with capacity to scale further.“

“We are excited to work with Holista to take this product mainstream in North America. My team and I are working to help Holista to scale, in meeting this increased demand. Path-Away® is fully plant-based, chemical free and contains no alcohol. It can be used by anyone, including children” said Dr. Arthur V Martin, the President of GICC LLC. Mr Morell Maison, CEO of Health Therapies LLC, said: “I have been in this arena for more than 40 years and never have I seen such an insatiable demand of hand and surface sanitisers. It does not matter where, folks are looking for added protection and defense. Also, there is a growing need for a natural product. As it is an all natural sanitiser it can easily be used on the hands, face and around the nose.”

NatShield™ has been tested at several WHO-approved laboratories before. Holista has commenced testing of NatShield™ and PathAway® for its efficacy against Covid-19 at a recognised U.K. laboratory (ASX Announcement 16 March 2020). Results will be released next month.

Negotiations are underway on a number of further significant distribution and supply arrangements which when concluded will have the immediate effect of introducing NatShield™ to new areas of the globe. The company is also developing online capabilities to better deliver NatShield™ as needed. With the global financial impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, the company is also pleased to be in a stronger financial position after recently raising $4.33 million. This increased cash will help Holista scale to meet the demand globally.

This announcement has been approved for release by all members of the Holista Board.

Authorised by:
Dr Rajen Manicka
Managing Director

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